Nov 08

An outdoor art gallery made town

6 months in Asia, 27 days in Africa, and 2 weeks in Australia and New Zealand,. Now South America.


 First question : Isnt the STOP sign suppose to be international ?  




I guess not... 

Everything will be in Spanish here. Really need to get my Spanish on.




First destination : Valparaiso, nicknamed Valpo. 2 hours away from the capital city Santiago de Chili.


This is the city I can to see




Hilly and colorful port town. Painted houses.



these colorful houses in Chili remind me of what I saw a few months ago in Cape Town, South Africa. Remember Bo Kaap... ?




What I saw in SA reminds me of what is in front of my eyes in Chili? Boy, I love travelling....


Back to Valpo. Fresco paintings everywhere.  




School kids dont waste time with A4 sheets of paper. They paint on canevas and exhibit opposite their school.



Once they grow up, they come up with these kinds of stuff :






You litterally breathe creativity everywhere around here.


 So this is Valpo :



if you wanna go to someone´s house :

- you take the stairs


- yo take this kind of lifts. There are like half a dozen of them all around town. They take you from street level all the way up ... Lazy/clever Chilians




Stayed In Valpo only 72h but met a buch of people...

This guy , a photo-journalist from Santiago... Couldnt understand 5%of the Spanish he spoke but it was cool, I nodded all day. 

Good fish in Valpo.




 Next day, I walked around with Jorge, from Bogota, Colombia. Met him in my hostal.Thank god, it was Easier to understand his Spanish.

He was so cultivated! Knew lots about French philosphers. He confirmed what Youri says about his home land :Colombia is definately one of the best countries in South America. And I have to go there!




At the bus station, met a French exchange student in Valpo too... She and her friends took me to a cool party.

Chilian music? no. salsa?no. cuban music? no. rock latino?no.

Drum ´n´bass my friends..Drum ´n´bass .. It´s a crazy global world. (No pictures, all 6 of her friends got rubbed coming back from parties.)


Next comes Mary´s husband (I forgot his name....).

I walked up to him because I was looking for a nice bar to watch the football game Chili -Peru and he was walking around town, waving this flag around.


Well, this local cop and big football fan very nicely took me to his favorite bar, followed by his wife..

Nice evening : they offered me beer, the food was good and Chili won 2-0. Dont think Peru will make it to the South Africa world cup). 

Before leaving me, he kindly signed and gave me his flag ....



Bye bye quiet Valparaiso.



Next stop : Lima, Peru.

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ça avance el espanol ?
Tu comptes toujours aller voir Elodie à Cusco j'espère, elle est top (Pierrot t'en parlerai mieux que moi).

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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