Thamel : small world

Mai 06

6 billions people, what are the odds?

After meeting the Australians guys twice in India, the Bombay girls 3 times in Rajasthan, I should be use to it. But I still am not...


I am wandering about Thamel, the touristic area and who do I see , eating a banana on the street? My childhood friend Youri who is also on a round-the-world trip and that I was only suppose to meet for christmas in Argentina. Well, guess what, me been on a late schedule and him been on an early one, we just saw each other without planning it. Thousand of km from home, I see the guy I had been planning my trip with. You can imagine how surprise we were!


Coincidence, hey!


Coincidence n*2 , we both had -separately- decided to go on the SAME day for a rafting trip. So we are in the same country, in the same town, in the same street at the same time and we both had decided to go for the same rafting trip! Does it get crazier?


We booked our rafting trip together. Mission ? Raft down the white waters of the Bothe Kosi river, one of the best rafting river in the world. Rapid are on a scale from 1 (calm and easy) to 6 (dangerous , even for experienced rafters).

Bhote Kosi has rapids between 3 and 4+. Yes, I definately want the Great adrenaline rush. I'd better (especially now that I've paid 70$ for a 2 day trip)?


Nice stay in a camp




We obviously are ready for the crazy rapids!




This was really great fun...






Thank GOd Youri was here, I couldn't have beared the group of 15 Yankies alone....



Yesterday, I was in rapids on a raft. Tomorow I'm now going for a 9 day trek in Langtang... In ten days, I'll be in China... Life is good...



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Re: Thamel : small world

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Salut Wale,

Je vois que tu t'éclates comme un petit fou et que tu ne traines pas.
Continues comme ça, on adore tes histoires et tes photos.

Zoubi !


Re: Thamel : small world

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on est tellement bon sur celle en combinaison!
super souvenir nigga!
allez see yaaa

Re: Thamel : small world

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Gayday Wale, you are just a man travelling magnet i think, or do you just secretly stalk travellers and pretend you have accidently run into them again! ha ha! Sounds like you are still having fun anyway. Au Revoir Michael (now sans the moe)

Youri !

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Putain Youri, qu'est ce que tu fous là ???
Marrant de vous voir ici tous les 2. ça change des foots en 6eme à Pasteur


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