Rio de Janeiro by Night

Mar 30

Unforgetable nights out in Rio!


First thing : Thanks to Theresa; Youri's Couchsurfing host for her good tips about RJ's good party spots.




First night out with Philippe was a desappointement (no pix). Went to an expensive crap tourist club in Ipanema.

But I won't hate 'coz Rio de Janeiro (RJ) made up for that. Big time.


First; a bar-concert hall-restaurant in Santa Theresa, one of Rio's oldest distrinct.  Very popular on Wednesday nights.



The crowd of Brazilian people knew the words to all the songs! Music is such a big part of their lives.



This is an outside shot of the place on a wednesday night while the band is taking a break.

Exactly what I love : a live band singing classic samba tunes, cheap drinks, a small place packed with effortless and chatty people who care more about sweating to the music than about their looks,.



The best party district in the world is  Lapa !



Chilled clubs. Endless rows of bars playing hip hop; samba, electronica, funk, rock or salsa.

Restaurants with live musicians playing all nigth. Street bands improvising. Streets vendors selling cheap sugary caiprinha... I love this place!


You just never know what to espect.



The gas station, like in Punta del Este, is a spot where people gather, drink and chat until late at night!



Let's get serious.


RIO SCENARIUM. This three-storey warehouse is stuffed with antiques and movie props from suits of armour to old bicycles.
Damn right, this place is awesome, dude!


Ground floor : a live samba band.


Upstairs a spacious generalist club.


Check this picture : it is exactly what I love about nights out in Rio.


A good party is a party where people DANCE, SMILE AND SWEAT!!


This is why our Baile Funk party is Castello Das Piedras was probably among my top 5 parties in my life. It was a 1h30 bus ride from Copacabana. Straight in a favela but man, I would do it again, and again, and again anyday!


Funk is the music the Rio favela youngsters have been listening to since the early '90s. It started off as favela music; like kwaito started as township music and Hip Hop as projects music.

Eventhough it is called Funk, It has nothing to do with Funk as you knoz.


The best about this music :  the dance that goes with it is just WILLDD!!

Boys bands come up with choregraphies while girls get low and guys rub each other! Crazy stuff!!



A good DJ for a crazy crowd! Guys sweating. Girls sweating. Fireworks in the middle of the party!  Welcome to Castello Das Pedras



Guys and girls getting down! And I mean litteraly!




My mistake! I didn't mean these clowns.


I meant true ghetto kids like theseONB00722


It gets so "hot in Heerrrree," guys just take their t-shirts off and dance together! Rub



A night in this club made West coast rap video look mellow!


Welcome to the carioca funk world!


Did we fun unsafe?  

Well, everyone is body-searched and the bouncers keep an elevated eye on the crowd.



And most of all, We were busy getting down too!



To see the club : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C20RZVj8Wv4 


next post : Mexico's Yucatan!


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