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Avr 02

4 really different people met in Udaipur


Aditya, a wise 29 year old cybercafe owner

sees 75 000 tourists a year

one of his quotes > "if one day you need to talk to a good person and you are alone, talk to your mirror" :




Alice, 18 year old, volonteered as a teacher in a South

Thank God for MP3 player :




Spanish, Sarah, IT manager, on her way to another life :



Joana, from Taiwan, tourist guide travelling thanks to her milage :

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Image de youri

hey blakos, je suis a pushkar la, super simpa.
je vais faire presque la meme que toi, j'adore lire les endroits ou je suis deja passe d'ailleurs, t'es trop bon!
v t'envoyer un mail pr ke tu me donne des ptis conseils anyway
see ya

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Image de Uncle Jibs

Hey Wale, we are thoroughly enjoying your fantastic pictures and cheerful commentary. We look forward to your next upload as you continue on your world tour. Greetings from AJ, BJ and Aunty Nikky.

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