Photo-message : Jaisalmer desert

Mar 28

Gary and Ela quit their jobs in New Zealand to be here then there


I shared 36 hours with this cool couple. We discovered together what a camel safari really is.

This couple of engineers from New Zealand decided to move to Ireland to finance more travelling. They are spending 2 months in India first.



Gary - 31 - civil engineer -

The camel guy kept on singing this song on Aqua's Barby girl rythm. Gary decided to immortalise the famous camel song's lyrics.



Ela -26 - decided to post the camelman cover of Bob Marley's famous song ...


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Re: Photo-message : Jaisalmer desert

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Yo man !

Très bonne idée ce site, je passerai prendre des nouvelles de ton voyage. Bon Kiff

A plus


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