New York, the end has an end

Mar 15

Last week far from Europe....


After Caraibian Mexico, I land in NYC wih my biometric passport.




I contact Caitlin I met during the salkantay trek in Peru. She tells me I can stay over for a few nights.



Cool. I love visiting people I met elsewhere.

Oh yeah, by the way, she's pregnant! (Lil'Marley)



She lives in Williamburg, Brooklyn, the hipster NYC.

Benches, cute cafes, laid back atmospheres


 Nothing to do with Manhattan and it's aggressive overwelheming buzz

You want food?



Still hungry?


You don't know what to buy? Just look around...







NYC is Babel.




NYC is the capital of the world. NYC est la capitale du monde. NYC es la capital del mundo. NYC ist die HauptStadt der Welt.


and any of these doll figure can be a true New yorker.




And all of theses guys are kick-ass hip hop dancers... it was a soulgasm Party in Meatpacking.








Yes, NYC is the place where every thing is possible.


- Spotting celebrities? Yes you can!



- discovering that your junior high school friend in Paris grew up to be a paparazzi in NYC? yes you can!



- staring at a shark in the eye? Yes you can! (thx Damian Hirst)



- be a boxer and a poet? yes you can. Right Mohammed Ali?


(this is Ali's graduation quote at Harvard University)


- this?


yes you can



- make your graffiti state property ? Yes you can. Bx style!bx



- put up an expensive ad that makes no sense? Yes you can!



- learn about the America's history on the streets? Yes you can







NYC is the crossword of the world.
My best friend Michael is doing research work in Philadelphia. He nicely came to visit me in NYC for the week end. It's been a year and a half since we've last hung out.


Good to see him. He was my first backpacking buddy. We travelled around Spain in summer 2002. It seems like light-years from now.




In NYC that same week end, Adam came to visit. Remember him? I met him in Patagonia, Chile 4 months ago. We trekked together. 4 hilarious days . 



Adam has friends in NYC, Mike has friends in NYC. And we've got loads of time on ours hands... Getting together?


Party in K-Town!



Last time I was in NYC was in summer 2000. Back then I stayed in QueensB. with my family friend Donald. He is now a successful and established architect.

he loved NYC back then and introduced me to summer in QB: B-ball, picnics, concerts in the park and so on... he is still loving it!




Well, the trip is over now. Next stop is London. The first RTWorld trip is over. But the adventure is to be continued... 

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