My Langtang Trekk

Mai 14

7 days near Tibet

"Okalo". The Nepali word for "Up". That's almost all I heard for 5 days and that's what got me up here, at 4500meters on May 5th.



How did I get her? Flashback to March. Once I got my ticket to China, I decided to go for a week-long trek in the Himalayas mountains. I'd be caring my trekking shoes in my backpack for the past two months, there is no way I could leave Nepal without a proper trekk.




After chatting with experienced trekkers, I decided to go for the 8 to 12 days Langtang trek. This trek gives you the opportunity to get right in the middle of Himalaya peaks and walk through remote Tamang villages. The trip is like a walk through Tibet.




For this trek, should I take a guide that will indicates the trail to follow or a porter that will carry my backpack all the way okalo?

I decided to hire an experienced porter that will show me the trail...

Luckily for me, someone recommended Nilam, a 32 year old Hindu brahman. Like all Brahmans, he is educated and spoke good English and was really funny.

With an unemployement rate close to 80% in Nepal, Nilam had to choose between joining the army or working in the tourism industry. After failing the army tests, he became a porter.



All porters eat during trekks is the Nepali national dish > Dal Bhat (rice, vegs and peas and lentil soup). It is suppose to give them great energy.




Nepali porters are incredible, they have a very particular style of carring loads : not on their back, not on their head, it's something inbetween. They strap a band onto their forehead and carry up to 50 kg for 5 to 30 days!




You can see them running all along the way, faster than all the lighty-loaded tourists. Some of them don't even way shoes.



Wake up time > 6:30 AM.




Breakfast > tibetan break and Omelet or pancakes.

Then 4 to 6.5 hours walk through forrests, river sides, open spaces, hills, villages.




(Nilam, like any other porter or guide I met on the way, wore the same shirt all the way)




My best friend during those treking days was my walking stick. Not only did I make me look like Mr Eko from "Lost" but it stopped me from breaking my leg or my neck at least twice a day.




(As you can see, I have giving up on style and fashion. I've accepted my shepperd looks). Give me a couple of months and I'll look like an authentic Tamang man.




or a Tamang kid (doing laundry at the age of 4)




Photo Message (PM)

To me, travelling, like treking is more about meeting people than seeing things (may they be incredible) .

Eventhough this trek is really not touristic, I manage to meet Allon (33) and Kris (27), a couple somewhere in between New Zealand and England and Herve (43), a Franco-Brazilian.

Allon is a TV production manager in London that tried his luck in New Zealand




Kris is an English teacher. To come to Nepal, she had to tell her boss that she had to go urgently to New Zealand... thank God for the hole in the Ozone layer, it's a good excuse for a Nepali sun tan .




Yes Kris, you made it !

Herve is a 43 Yr old. Met him on the bus trip from Kathmandu. He came alone for a 14 day holiday in Nepal.

He was raised in Brazil where he lived a crazy and blurry life in Sao Paolo. Until the day he gave everything up to come to France after 32 year of South American white sand.

He arrived in France with 5000 francs 10 years ago. He is now a successful Xerox salesman, married and father of two and owns a house in Soissy. He enjoyed his holiday like a teenager!




Herve, you'll be my Lonely Planet for Brazil! I'm definately going Nordeste...



- Don't drink too much Langtang coffee... A had half a glass of that alcohol. Nilam, my porter, had two full mugs and had diarrhoea for three days... I should really thing about washing my backpack

- Most people assumes that all Black people in Kathmandu come from Nigeria. Why? Because many Nigerian football players play for Nepali team. Crazy, hum?

- I watched a Nepali movie in the mountains and a leading character had a yellow KLR Sain Supa Crew T-shirt on. French rap has no border.

- Thanks Brother for the medical kit : the stiches and the antibiotics I got from Paris saved a young 16 yr old Nepali that had badly axed his foot open... Coincidence, a doctor came trekking that morning in the village and I had the needed equipement.

- We met a discovery Channel crew preparing to film the craziest challenge I have ever heard of. Bear Grills and a 23 yr old boy are going to try and fly over the Everest (8848m) proppelled by a big fan. It's called paramotoring.
Some pix here...



China (Tibet) is 20km - flying distance - behind me on the picture. I'll be on the other side by May 10th.

See you there or here



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What a trip!!

Image de Cécile

waouh! it seems so great.
nan là franchement, je reste sur le c.
impressionée par ton voyage qui semble sans cesse plus extraordinaire.........
attend de voir pekin, c ouf aussi.. d'ailleurs j'ai un pote là-bas qui parle chinois et qui pourrai t'emmener dans les restos typique (cafard au menu) et les boites branchées. dis moi si tu veux que je te mette en contact.
WALE, je dois dire que tu m'as impressionné là sur le Nepal trip, merci.
gros bisous d'Italie, et à bientôt par mail!

Re: My Langtang Trekk

Image de AL1

Salut Wale!
Je ne t'envoie pas un message pour te préciser malignement que je suis en Italie ou à Neuilly la ville de notre cher et monarque président nouvellement élu Nicolas Sarkozy. Ou alors pour te dire que j'ai un pote en Chine. Bref, c'est juste pour te dire que je suis très content pour toi. Kiff bien. ENJOY!!!

Le tour du monde à l'envers

Image de Nadine

Personne n'a encore osé te le dire mais il faut que tu rentres tout de suite !! Le tour du monde que tu entreprends, tu le fais à l'envers. Philleas Fog te l'aurait dit. Mais comme d'habitude, tu n'en fais qu'à ta tête. Monsieur Wale au dessus de tous, qui sait ce qu'il faut faire. Et qui, comble de l'élitisme, ne peut pas utiliser la poste comme tout le monde : donc je te livrerais le "paquet" transmis par ta doublure (qui fait croire qu'une âme vit toujours dans ton appart) à notre agent nippon.
Have fun et reviens-nous bronzer (huhuhu.

Happy reBirth!

Image de wanda

Joyoux anniversaire Mister W. !!
Bon quelques petites heures de retard que le décalage horaire avec la Chine ne m'aide pas à rattraper! Je te souhaite sincèrement de découvrir des paysages et des gens de plus en plus extraordinaires tout au long de l'année!!
(je ne placerai pas que j'étais au Festival de Cannes et que c'est pour cette raison que je suis en retard sur ton site, ce serait déplacé...mais si tu vas en Corée et qu'il y a un ciné sur ton chemin,va voir Soom de Kim Ki-Duk!!tu n'auras même pas besoin de sous-titrages!)
kiss kiss and enjoy!!
Miss W.

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