Mumbai by Day

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5 days in India's most advanced city


After 20 hours on a train from Udaipur, the romantic, I arrive in Bombay...

First impression > HOT and CROWDED.

I have to fight my way in the train station with my big bags :

crowd_mumbia_train st

Whatever time on the day, the steet are packed. and it's getting worse , now because school exams are over.


Bobby, the CouchSurfer I'll be staying with, lives 20 mn away from the center by local train. Yes, everybody has to fight its way to get ON the train...

...and you can't imagine how many old men, teenagers, white collar workers I had to push hard to get off the train. A local train wagon at rushhour is like a battlefield.

People hang out from outside, people get stock in the middle and manage to get out four or five stops after their stop.

You share every square meter with at least 6 to seven sweaty grown men with moustaches.crowd_mumbia_train.jpg

OK. It's a crowded city. What else?

Well, if it wasn't full of Indians, you mistake some place for the UK. The city got some pretty nice victorian style building.

For example : this is the Victoria Train Station


This is the Mumbai University. Dauphine and La Sorbonne really look shitty compared to this.


A few blocks from here, in a narrow street, guess you I meet again? Marc and Michael, the two Australians guys! Seems like traveler~s India is not such a big subcontinent after all...


So Marc, Michael and I hang out for two very hot days :

we take a ferry to Elephanta Island to see the impressive cave statues.


Beware > if you ever go to Elephanta Island, watch out for the monkeys. They may look friendly or even remind you of someone you know, but they are not : if you r not carefull enough, they snatch whatever food or drink you hold in your hand! Cute, hein?


Gateway to India and its loads of photographers, toys and ice creamen.


Gateway of India is Mumbai No 1 sight. It's also the best place to be spotted by Bollywood scouts . If u want to be a Bollywood star, go to Gateway of India. Unfortunately, our trio didn't interest anyone :(.

So after chilling there in expectation for 7-8 hours, we left.

We'll never see our faces on this type of Bollywood billboard


(I saw the movie. If you want to have a good laugh, download it! All of it is in Hindi language but you won't miss a thing! )

Speaking of Media, got to what MTV India which is colorful and almost exclusively indian music oriented. Unfortunately, India Idols only starts next months.Some tv ads here are crazy, you can check this one :


Follows the Nehru Center (good modern art museum). After visiting palaces, palaces, forts, more forts and temples, it was good to see some other art form.


Even if Mumbai is well westernized (couple hold hands, girls were skirts more than saris, broadband everywhere, good english spoken), no one has a washing machine. The Dhobi wallah (5,000 men) handwash the lundry of 16 millions Mumabiites. They litteraly beat up the clothes until they get all the dirt and the stains out! This place is called the Dhobi Ghat


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Wow, aside from the tame looking monkeys, Mumbai feels like a european city. Even the Dhobi Ghat could easily be mistaken for a western europe out of town residential estate on a warm summer afternoon!


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