Kathmandu Valley

Avr 30

Welcome to Nepal

After 28 hours (night bus, early bus, border crossing, bus, bus strike, 4 hour wait), I finally got to kathmandu, safe and sound (but without my cellphone).


India was big, colorful, traditional, crowded, crazy, exciting and exhausting. Nepal is small, friendly, open-minded, more peaceful but less exciting.

Still, it is the perfect place to come with you family for exciting and restful holidays : here you can trek, see wild life, raft, bungy jump, swing across the mountains, kayak, go for mountains flights and so much more.


 Nepal, 22 million people. The Himalays. A place where you feel like you are on top of the world.



I kind of expected most people to look as traditional as Indians : men with topi (Nepali hat), women with saris and so one. After 2 months in india, G-unit Hip Hop wear, girls wearing the latest, Nepali rock bands singing Jack Johnson and Coldplay in bars really surprised me ...



In Nepal, the national food is Tibetan : it's called momo. It's like Japanese " vapeur" but that can be fried or steamed. Its a small veg or buff meat or chicken pie. Here is the cheapest momo spot in town : 15 Rupees for 10 (0.16 euros).





Kathmandu has a nice set of buddhist temples in Durbar Square.


Teenagers and couples hang out there, there a 24/7 market there. It is bit like Piccadelly Circus or CHamps Elysees but with a dozen nepali temples in the middle. Quite fun to see at night.


This is Boudna, the Tibetan area, a Unesco Heritage site



In nepal, you find many tibetan monk.


 BUt this one is special, very special. he is an actora and feature in the hollywood football movie > the Cup!! I had to get an autograph an a picture.

Did you know that monks played football, were allowed to play Playstation 3 and carry celllphones around?? this is what I discovered with these funny monks.





After a few days in polluted Kathmandu and overtouristic Thamel, I decided to go to Chitwan National Park. On the way there, I met Tina, a 28 year-old German girl that quit her Loreal job and took some time off to travel before moving on with her career.

This is the peaceful view from the guest house from which we got kicked out because we refuse to book a jungle trip with them...



Toghether, my started our quest for rhinos>


The Rhino quest : 48 hours to see as many wild animals as possible. 

Our program : A canoye  trip, a jungle walk, a jeep safari and an elephant ride!

So did we see any wild, dangerous, maneater? well, during the jungle walk, we saw a deer shadow and coton bug.. During the jeep safari we saw a rhino's back side.... :s

But the elephant ride was INCREDIBLE, a real child dream come true. I was this close to a rhino family



We saw wild pigs, a deer fight, peacocks flying and doing the seduction dance, woodpeacker, a bear, an a dozen rhinos!


But the rest moment of my Chitwan stay has to be the elephant bath. For 50 Rupees (0.5 euros), you can swin with the elephant in the river, scrubs them and finally play with them. Yes, you heard me, you can play with an animal that eats 350kg of grass a day.


What is it like? Well check this out :




I am now heading back to Kathmandu. I have to find a ticket to go to China and organize my 8 day trek in the mountains (LangTang Trek)...


In the next post, you will discover who I ran into in the middle of Kathmandu. It is someone from Paris... Who do you think it is?

A) an ex-girlfriend that still had a crush on me

B) the teacher I hated the most in University and who I

C) my loud neighbour

D) a childhood friend 

E) a French actress


See you in seven days, same blog, same world...

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Re: Kathmandu Valley

Image de visiteur

Toujours aussi bon de te lire...c'est clair que cette partie là du mde est surprenante : tu peux passer de l'euphorie et l'effervescence la plus totale (indienne...) à la plénitude doublée de zenitude maximale (au nepal)...ça va tu le géres bien ? Tu n'as pas encore touché par le "indy blues" ???

ça doit être fou de monter sur le dos d'un éléphant...c'est comment...tout froid, tout dur, tout rugueux...ça gratte ? Et puis c'est plutpot calme et flegmatique ou alors carrément fougueux...non ms c'est vrai...tu as partagé un bain avec un éléphant wale, tu t'en rends compte c'est incroyable...

Alors si on devine qui tu as rencontré à l'autre bout du mde on gagne quoi ?
J'opteré pour Lamia ;0)

Des byzoux toi
a tr tr vite


Re: Kathmandu Valley

Image de Oreste

Ouai mec, c'est la belle vie je vois.
Tu n'as pas l'air de manquer de dépaysement...
L'Inde et le Nepal ca décoif'.
Profite bien car quand tu vas rentrer.....Sarko!!!!

A bientot mec et embrasses ce gros machin gris pour moi.


Re: Kathmandu Valley

Image de JB

Un réel plaisir de découvrir avec toi ces coins du monde avec un oeil tellement plus humain et terre à terre qu'avec TF1!

ça cartonne, u make the most of it !!

JB, back from NZ ..

Re: Kathmandu Valley

Image de olivia

ça fait toujours autant plaisir de te lire... c la bella vita!

Je t'envoie un mail très vite pour te raconter un peu Paris..!
Continue de profiter à fond, fais attention à toi,
Je t'embrasse bien fort,


Re: Kathmandu Valley

Image de dipesh

I ran across your blog and enjoyed reading it. It sort of reminded me of my childhood in Nepal. You seem to have really enojyed your visit in Nepal.
There is a slight mistake in your proposition about the National Food of Nepal that I wanted to point out. It's not momo, it's "dhedo & gundruk". Would you please kindly reconsider revising your blog.

In Nepal, the national food is Tibetan : it's called momo. It's like Japanese " vapeur" but that can be fried or steamed. Its a small veg or buff meat or chicken pie. Here is the cheapest momo spot in town : 15 Rupees for 10 (0.16 euros)......"

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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