Juin 29

Forgot about China

You`ll have to wait a while to discover where Clem lives in Shanghi, where the 6th dim sum is and what the HK longuest escalator in the world looks like... because I am now in Japan>  


Those who pretend that the Japanese have a different culture are liars! Japanese people live in an entirely different world. I think the only thing Japanese people have in common with the rest of the world is that they breath the same air.


A few example


Streets manners > No smoking, no spitting, no graffitis and no littering. Just like anywhere else in the world.

But guess what :


- here there are no trashbins on the streets, people keep their waste in their bag or pocket till they get home or enter a grocery store


- nearly no one smokes outside of the Smoking spots (3 square meter spots) installed by the government every 4 or 5 blocks)

You dont believe me? Check this out ,  pics taken in Tokyo





If the traffic light isnt greenlit, no pedestrian  crosses the street (except French tourists)


People queue up in a perfect line , waiting for the bus to arrive



The Japanese are prepared for everything. What happens if a 109 year old Japanese man has a heart attack, let's say, in the subway?




Trust Japan > if it is there, it means at least one person out of a crowd of people knows how to operate this defibrilator.




Japanese are the most honest and trustworthy people in the world.





If you forget your wallet with all your money in a cab or bus, you can get it back (with the money in it) at the nearest Lost-and-found office.


A Japanese guy left his brand new sport car unattented with the keys in the ignition for 5 minutes. No probs 


Here are a barrier in Japan to prevent people from tresspassing.


You dont even need to climb over to trespass but in japan, people dont trespass.



What do cops do here? They give tourists directions.

Talking about directions : ask a Japanese girl in a grocery store if she knows the way to the temple far uphill. Not only will she point to the right direction, she will quickly drop her grocery bag at home and walk you all the way to the temple.

Of course,  dropping her grocery bag home wont take her more than 37 sec but still when she'll get back, she'll apologize and bow for the wait... Crazy people!

Japan's two faces

The Sony Center in TOkyo (on the Sony street, right next to Hermes)


(this is tipically the kind of ad you can see on www.marketing-alternatif.com




What is Japanese people favorite hobby on trains, buses and benches? Sleeping. Youri and I tried it and I have to admit he is better at it than I.


Youri and I met by accident once, in Nepal. This time, my delayed and his early schedule brought us both to Tokyo. After wandering in town for a day , we left for Nikko. Not such a good day trip, especially on a rainy day. But as always, when I check the pictures, I realize how lucky we are both to travel for a year!





On the way to Kyoto, while Youri was enjoying his Tuberculous  neighbour, I met Kelvin, a  year old guy from Singapour that speaks English, French, Japanese, Italian and a bit of German. Quite impressive. He's been studying in Japan for 5 years and taught me a lot about apparently-flawless Japan and its flaws (high suicide rate, passionate crimes, bullies and ) and self-centered behaviour



It was major capital city before Tokyo and has more than 2000 temples. After travelling in Asia for months now, Youri and I were more impressed by the Japanese gardens and trees which are quite unique.


Believe it or not, there is nothing like gardening in Japan. It is called green  surgery. Workers are highly meticulous and use surgery tools to shape trees and grass.






- All English-speaking Japanese girls you'll meet are 19

- Guest houses are terrible (lock out time) but having Japanese Michael Jefferson Jackson as M. Uno's employer is hilarious

- Some guys in Finland are pains in the ***** after 8am

- Bus passes are cheap. Food is still expensive.

- Mc Donald's Teryaki Burger reminds me of London

- Baseball can be dangerous

- Lions are everywhere in Japan

- Where are the damn bars?

- Uni kids get their Hip Hop dance going immediatly after school is over



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Re: Japan

Image de Friend from Laetitia

Your web site is amazing as your trip must be !!!!
That's another world there, you are so lucky !!
I'm writing from my office in LA DEFENSE and i am about to throw myself threw the window !!!!

Have fun guys :-)

le buzzzzzzzzzz

Image de gonz

C'est quoi ce gros gros buzz autour du diner du 2 aout à Bangkok avec toute l'equipe de bras cassés les GDDR, Halimi, mouty, Po et le wale... Merci l'equipe de bras cassés, ca vaetre ouf mec !!! Photos obligatoires !!!!!!!

busy buzz

Image de wale

Je peux vous garantir qu'en aout, ca va claquer de la photo en mode ;)! Wale Fresh

Re: Japan

Image de mk

Ah d'accord...vs allez fêter l'anniversaire d'AJ sans AJ à Bangok...c'est un concept original, c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire !
Non ms trève de plaisanteries, c'est vrai qu'ellse font trop rêver vos vces collectives thailandaises
;0) bande de piti veinards !!!!!!!
profitez en à fond et faites ns en profter srtt !

des byzoux


Re: Japan

Image de Lawrence

Hello Wale!

It's a real pleasure to hear from u thru ur site. U r so lucky travelling ang meeting new people, ur pictures are so amazing and your comments are really worth it. Keep enjoying yourself and give us some news very soon.

P.S. : I'm dying to know if your beard has grown or not!!!!



Re: Japan

Image de Anke

Wale! You rock! I really like what you wrote about Japan! I just returned back home from Delhi, in the plane I missed you! Hihi! Holland is just boring! Luckily I´ll go to France on Sunday! XX Anke

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