Day 80 to 86

Juin 05

Kunming, Yangshuo, Long ji and Xi'an > among these , which city do you think was my favorite?

After Visiting so much in so little time in China. I felt like I deserved a little rest. And I found the perfect town for that!


KUNMING, Yunnan province. Not much to see, just a cool place to relax > good weather, good food, nice parks.

There I met Gary, 27 year old cool French guy from that live just next to Paris. He quit his job as an IT guy for a month to travel in Asia. 'Guess what, he has now been travelling for the past 9 months. After so much travelling he also felt like he needed a break. He decided to stop travelling and has now been taking Chinese lessons in Kunming for the past month. He has been to a few countries I will visit in South East Asia so we really had a great time  sharing what we experienced as French black travellers in Asia.


Kunming's biggest park lies around a lake. Here some old people come and practise their tai-si. But mostly, everyday , you can listen to a dozen  of different groups of amateurs singers and musicians  perfoming freely in the park. A very relaxing atmosphere.


For the first time for the last 3 months, I spend one day doing absolutely nothing. Nothing but listen to music and play pool and eat.


From Kunming, I decided to move on to Yangshuo (thank you Tinwhy and Julie for the tip > there is really nothing to see in Guilin). Night bus + day bus and 12 hours later, I arrived in this town surrounded by a surreal amont of montains. Where ever you look you see mountains. Where ever you are , you see mountains. Not 4, 5 or 6, hundreds, thousands of them!


Rent a bike, pedall out of the Thamel-like touristy town and enjoy the ride....

Here is where I had lunch : they fished out a frnech fish out of their private pool just for me.


Here are the 2-yuan-for-a-picture kids on their way back from school


With the next two pics, you'll understand why I was completely amazed by this landscape.


And the last and best!


On the next night, I gave an English lesson to Chinese senior graduates. Quite interesting to know what today's youth in China think, loves and feels.

That same, I decided to go for a live show. one of the most unbelievable artistic performances I've seen in my life! It was choreographed by Zhang Yimou, movie director and choreographer. He is in charge of Beijing's 2008 Olympic opening ceremony. He is really capable of turning a scene into a fairly tale!It was so good, I bought the DVD right after the show (and got a bit ripped off....)





Another Interesting walk through nature. Beautiful rice terrasses but too much fog, a bit of rain and very slippery paths made it a bit difficult to fully appreciate.



But again, I met a cool guy that made it worth it : Naf, 21 , from NYC. Got a bachelor in biology and decided to tour round Asia, is planning to travel round Africa, learn Swahili and Frenh before moving on to middle East! Very passionnate about History. A young American citizen who truely want to understand today's world by studying yesterday's facts.



While I stayed one day and one night in the Rice crops, he stayed here for a week, learnt a little more about Yao, one of China's 55 minority groups. Can you guess what Yao women hold the Guiness Book Record for ??


The inhabitants of the village have the longuest hair in the world!


Discover whether I am going to grow my beard nay longer,

if i've lost more weight,

if i love archeology,

if old rocks

if I can couchsurf in Beijing... 

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Re: Day 80 to 86

Image de MK

c'est tjr aussi génial de te lire wale...très bonne intiative que de t'accorder un peu de repos...perso je valide ;0)j'espère juste que ds ton prochain post tu ne ns annonceras pas que tu as ENCORE perdu du poids, déconne pas ! Sinon, je t'envoie tymouty l'expert en matière d'apero pr te requinquer et te redonner un peu de formes ;0) la solution est radicale crois moi !

Tr rigolo, la semaine dernière, soirée 20 ans tf1, j'ai rencontré une nana super chouette avec qui tu as eu l'occasion de bosser sur la ferme - Amandine de qqchose - et qui cherchait à te recontacter dps qlq mois déjà...la vie fait bien les choses...dc je me suis permis de lui filer le lien de ton blog...
Alors là je t'imagine en train de t'activer pr essayer de visualiser de qui il s'agit...hmmm...mission impossible...alors arrête de maltraiter ton p'tit cerveau, dès que je reccupère les photos de la soirée je t'en envoie une pr rafraichir ta mémoire ;0)

Toi, t com' d'habitude mon sauveur : ça fait à peu près 4 semaines que je cherche le nom de notre choregraphe sceno et j'en passe des jeux olympik 2008...et toi tu me le livres comme sur un blog en or...tu ne connaitrais pas le nom de son spectacle auquel tu as assisté...et tu peux m'expliquer prkoi il a eu lieu ds cette jolie ville précisément ? Est ce qu'il compte se produire ailleurs ds les les prochaines semaines ?

Plein de byzoux toi

a tr vite ;0)

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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