Camel Safari 2

Avr 02

My first camel safari in the desert

Gary, Ela and I signed up for a day and a half camel safari.

here are two of our three camels : Modia and Pepsi




First things first!

How do you climb on a camel?

It's a three-step program

Step 2 requires flexibily which, as you can see, I really have!


That's it, I'm ready to ride!


We wandered thru the desert all morning.

We stopped at noon for lunch. It's just too hot to ride anyway. I was really happy to stop because my legs were aching me like hell on the camel. our guides prepared us a nice 100% veg lunch (chapatti, goat milked tchai, potatoes...).


Then back on the camels again. It's so quiet out there. Got my MP3 player out , Manu Chao's album was a perfect soundtrack for the ride.


We spend the night in the desert. Woke up at 4 am , when the moon was down and just saw the sky like I had never ever seen it before. it just like a boy's roomceiling filled with glowing stickers. Reminded me of the "Petit Prince". You could just strech your arm and harvest them.


After a camel ride the next morning, we went back to town to catch our night train to Udaipur. Zip Code? 007

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Re: Camel Safari 2

Image de wale

Conseil pour un safari ds le desert, eviter de faire rentrer des grains de sable ds l'objectif de votre camera!
Merci alex et ludo, ma belle camera est reparee et comme neuve !

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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