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Jan 01


 The next posts are going to make you see Berlin as I discovered it during my 3 week stay in december 08.

  I never left the town and hardly ever got out before 12 noon. BUT I wandered all around town on foot 4 to 6 hours a day.


Ready? Ach, so...



This picture was taking from Friedrichschain. Across the Spree river is Kreuzberg. I lived there, right next to these facade paitings (i'll tell you more about it in my Kreuzberg post).


 Crossing this cute bridge is a sweet ride to communist-turned-globalizly trendy Berlin.


Friedrichschain lies in what is still refered to as Est-berlin. So strolling around Karl-Marx Allee, you can get your hair done here




If you are fed up of eating, half a meter of saussage for lunch


 You can go and tast this fast food joint.

I recommend the new Burger with the Staline special sauce


Of course, you get a red hammer and a sickle for every happy meal.


F'schain features the East Side Gallery. "It is a 1.3km-long section of the wall. Approximately 106 paintings by artists from all over the world cover this memorial for freedom and make it the largest open air gallery in the world". 


 Hurry up if you wanna see it as it is now because in Spring 2009, there are planning on having it re-painted. Same crew of artists and "controver-sadly" enough, same paintings as initially.

More over, a lot of street artists (DolK, Pez, Feliz 1984...) have put some of their stuff on the wall.


Quite a few places in F'schain reflect the pure Berlin vibe. Full of freedom and creativity.

Here is one, right next to the East Side Gallery. It's called Yaam.



It’s a nice location , y the river. And urban see side : sand, food stand, basket-ball court, music, a little skate park, a bar and a great variety of people.

Did I mention, is it covered in paint?


As many things here I saw in December in Berlin, I can (yet) only imagine how cool it must be on nice summer day.

 Strolling around here is a colorful walk. Just keep your eyes open and/ir push some doors and you can find :









Strolling further I find an independent movie theater. On screen.





Berlin is a constant surprise. Discovered this spot, two days before leaving town : revaler str. 99

This is the view of it from the Warschauer strasse




See that warehouse on the left, by the train? That's part of it!


The menu is painted on this wall


It feature a rock school,a sport center



an indoor skatepark, a night club (cassiopea)



 a café , a climbing center  (Yes, a climbing center!) and some of Berlin's finest street art inside













and outside




Even if there is a lot going on in Revaler 99, half the space remains empty or unused?

It's crazy! just makes my head spin.




 Berlin told you : keep your eye open


cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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