Aussie days

Nov 01

Ran down the East coast in two weeks...


Fact Number 1 : Australia is beautiful and unique in terms of landscapes. (but I did not see much of it...).country



Here is the Great Reef Barrier from above.



Looks like an oil spill in the ocean. Great, hun... I thought so too... Especially after paying 100 dollars...


Fact Number 2 : Australia is beautiful and unique in terms of wild life.


Didnt find the koala very exciting. Looks depressed or high. or both.


But kangaroos : far more intertaining.

The way they move around.


Nature will always surprise me : where did the idea of having a bouncing mamal come from?



The way they carry their babies...




FACT NUMBER 3 : Australians have good taste when it come to urbanism


The city of Cairns up north has no real beach so instead they build this cool outdoor pool.



Few pics from Sydney :
Darling Harbour that houses the Olympic Village



The world famous Opera House



FACT NUMBER 4 : Australians are a strange people


Aboriginals : the only Aussies with history and culture blow in hollow trunks and call it music....




Aussie at lunch time in sydney CBD.


Sydney businessmen : for them lunch time is working out time.




Aussie love shorts! Bus drivers, school kids, waiters. Young or old, man or woman, fit or unfit, If you have too legs and ur are Aussie, you are rocking shorts.



Man, Australian people love their country. You can see the flag floating everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. . Aussies often proudly wear t-shirts (and of course shorts) with their flag on it.


And here is what you can eat in some food joints.






I am definately not a good hunter.



I suck at throwing spears and boomrangs.



So far, Australia has been the best country to party. Bush parties in surreal settings, hype clubs, fantastic crowds and goog music.

No pics. Sorry.



FACT NUMBER 7 It is a good thing Fabrice Lecuyer left France for Sydney 18 months ago.


I ve know Fabrice for nearly 10 years now. Met in high school and have been friends ever since.



(if you r wondering, yes, it is a big shark behind us)


After somes ups and downs in uni, he left for Sydney. I stayed with him for 4 days in Bondi Jonction. Man, I felt like 5 years had passed since you had last seen each other. Fabrice has changed but hasnt.


His new features : long hair, flesh on his bones, a big big salary and the blackberry that goes with it.

Apart from that he hasnt changed. Still cooks delicious pasta carbonara and spends hours on his computer. In 18 months, this is his 3 or 4th time at the bondi beach...




Thx for everything man and take care!


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Re: Aussie days

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Hello Wale,
if you need a place to stay near Brisbane I can put you through my mates who live there and who should be able to help. Just write to me.
Laurent (Aussie Nostalgic)

Aussie days

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Nice pix cous!

Surf le monde!..

I'm in in Germany right now doing a medical exchange program...Thinking of going to Paris in 2 weeks...Lamide said u were back for a few months..and I can see u went to SA...thought u were not coming to Africa at all...anyways, goodluck men...

Do u think there's a cheap accomodation for me and some friends in Paris at this time just for a weekend?

Re: Aussie days

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ca y est ta regrossi ou je reve ??? fini les gateaux

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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